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A little change is good, no?

What?  A “book feature” on Wednesday?  Well, yes … that does appear to be what happened. Now, I’m as obsessive as the next guy (OK, so I’m way more obsessive, but who’s counting?), and would ideally have the “features” on this blog march on in perfect calendrical lock-step, but sometimes “life interferes” and things get... Read more »

The best-laid schemes ...

So the Burns fans out there won’t burst with anticipation, “gang aft agley” might have made a better title, but figured the first part was a more familiar route for indicating the flow of this week. Once again, I’m looking at a fairly thin week in terms of number of articles to pass along... Read more »

A beautiful day in the neighborhood ...

As anybody who has been reading The Job Stalker blog over the past half year or so will know, I have been relying predominantly on Twitter in my current job search, for job leads, information on networking events, keeping up with contacts made at networking events, and for those story links that I share in... Read more »

Some weeks it pours ... This week had no good reason for having a full bunch of links to pass along to you, given the limited amount of time that I was able to interface with Twitter, but there was, especially in the early part of the week, quite the torrent of interesting job pieces, so I was up... Read more »

Someone else you should know ...

Well, it looks like this “folks you should know in the job biz” feature is likely to be running on an every-other-week cycle.  I find I’m having to do a bit more “leg work” on these than I’d anticipated, so my schedule hasn’t filled up with them the way I’d expected. This week we’re taking... Read more »

Something old, something new ...

I really do try to keep as much as possible in The Job Stalker focused on the Job Search (or, as I’ve noted previously, at least on things germane to my job search, since that’s what I’m dealing with on a 24/7 level!), but every now and again I have things come up which I... Read more »

Networking and research ... Well, I got back on the Networking horse this week, with two fairly interesting events.  Neither of these were “home runs” for my job search, but they at least got me out into public again.  Frankly, on Wednesday night I had a choice of three events that seemed on-target to choose from.  As I’ve... Read more »

Not just for newbies ...

When I first received Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg’s Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job, I figured “what could there be in here for me?” … after all I’m a seasoned professional, right?  I even joked that I’d be getting some funny looks reading it... Read more »

Some things you know ... Wow … another rough week.  I hate to be complaining in here about a job (albeit a temporary job that is paying less than half of what I’d need “a real job” to), but this Census gig is quite a grind.  I opted to take the 3rd shift posting there because I tend to... Read more »

Another local resource ...

Continuing with the new series of introducing folks that I’ve met in my own job search, today we’re taking a look at ConnectWork Chicago.  This is a new partnership that brings together the folks who had been running Out Of Work Chicago and Hire Power Solutions, Patrick Iwanicki, Amy Zagroba, Linda Kesselman, and Veronica Ludwig. ... Read more »