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OK, so I don't know quite why there's a difference, but evidently my new schedule at the Census is more challenging for my on-line reading than my old one was, and it, frankly, more in line with what I was expecting.  As I noted last week, I was surprised that I had a "full list" of links for you given the 10 fewer hours a day.  Well, I switched from the 2nd shift (3:30pm to Midnight) to the 3rd shift (Midnight to 8:30am) and suddenly I'm way behind in everything.  The only clear benefit of my making the change is that I've got my evenings free, and am thereby able to go back to attending networking events.

Honestly, I was beginning to despair about my job search when I was facing 8 weeks with no networking, so when they asked if I'd be willing to shift to the over-night gig, I said "sure" ... helped by the fact that I tend to work late into the night anyway.  However, it's been a challenge scheduling in sleep ... I'm getting home after 9am and every obsessive fiber wants me to be on the web at that point (I have to hop on to catch up with the over-night Tweets anyway), so I've been generally getting sleep between 11 and 3, with (hopefully) a bit of nap in the evening before I head back down to the Loop at 11pm.  There have been days, however, when I've missed more Twitter than I've caught, and that's certainly showing up in this week's list!

• 5 Ways Twitter Can Help You Get Hired

• April's Job Growth Surpasses Economists' Predictions

• 'Help Me Help You' Get Connected In Your Job Search

• HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Offline Networking Events

• Why Aren't Your Networking Efforts Paying Off?

• Don't wear pajamas for a phone interview

• 7 Little-Known Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

• How To Leave A Great Impression On Your Next Job Interview

• Job Interview Etiquette 11 Mistakes To Avoid

 As always, I've pulled together this week's links into the alphabetical listing of the big link file, which you can download here:


By the way, I got a note from the Affinity Hotel folks about an event they're holding on May 25th called In the Know: The Young Professional Marketplace ... it's a networking event with speakers (as well as "complimentary cocktails and passed hors d'oeuvres") aimed at recent college graduates.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to have a web page set up with info on this (the e-mail just points you to the main hotel chain site!), but there is an e-mail to contact for more information and to reserve a spot: intheknowchicago@affinia.com

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