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Another good week of reading ... a lot of stuff coming through, which you could tell by the mid-week post that "burned" several links, and yet we still have well over a dozen to share here for the weekend!

It's so hard to predict how things are going to "come across the transom" via Twitter (which is still my #1 source of information on the job search), I was pouting earlier in the week about how few things I was seeing to send resumes off to, but over the past couple of days there have been a ton, and I'm looking at maybe getting out another 20 this week.

I'm still pretty down about the three sets of interviews I'd been through all going into the "thanks, but no thanks" zone, but I have a couple of freelance projects that I'm meeting with folks about in the next week or two, which might end up building towards an actual job!  

Some interesting networking events this week, including a get-together with the TribNation a couple of nights ago and a TweetUp for the Twitter #latenightcrowd later tonight (it doesn't even start until 11pm!).  

Anyway, and here is this week's "best of" from my on-line reading:

• Is Twitter better than LinkedIn for Job Seekers?

• Healing the Scars of a Long Bout of Unemployment

• 6 things you should probably remove from your résumé

• Weathering a long job search

• How to Identify the Career You Want in 5 Easy Steps

• Job Growth Signals Strong Recovery

• Looking for a job? Check out these sites

• Could This Be Why You're Still Unemployed?

• Why is Nobody Talking About the Health Care Jobs Revolution?

• 7 things everyone ought to know. . . about finding a job

• Upbeat attitude key to getting hired

• 13 Best Firefox Job Search Add-ons

• Let Your Resume Tell Why You Left Your Last Job

• Rebuilding Your Network

Again, these have been folded into the ever-growing file of accumulated links 


, which you can download and click at your leisure!



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  • Hi Brendan--the "other" job stalker here ( I challenge you to try a different approach. Instead of looking for advertised opportunities, list your top potential employers and go straight to them and engage with them about what you can do for them. Scary, yes. Gutsy, yes. Effective, yes! (For more details on the whole process see the new FREE PodClass at

    - Barclay

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