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Odd how this week went ... as previously reported, I had all my networking events stacked up in one 27 hour period this week ... and, as far as came across my radar, there weren't other events that I was missing (at least, other free or nearly free events ... there always seem to be things out there which primarily exist to separate attendees from some serious coin ... needless to say, I try to avoid those!).

I hadn't had a chance to crank out resumes until today, and had quite a collection of plausible job openings stacked up in my the tab bar on my browser, nearly 40 when I got into it this morning (with a few more being added as I churned through Twitter during the day).  Out of those, I got out 20 resumes.  Had I known that I'd be looking for work for as long as I have been (it's coming close to a year), I'd have set up a "better system" with a spreadsheet or something to track what I got out to whom when.  Unfortunately, my "system" is pretty much just printing out a copy of the job description and noting when I responded to it.  Once I got through my stacked up tabs today I decided I needed to get some of that large stack of print-outs organized, and counted up what had gone out in the new year.  It turns out that I'd sent out 160 resumes over 3 months, so I guess I'm actually averaging a couple per day ... not bad, but not as massive as I'd thought (I guess I'd been mentally tracking the "possibilities" and not the actual resumes sent).  Still, that's a lot, and the volume is getting to the point where I start wondering if I'm ever going to get a job!

Anyway, some interesting things came in over the web this week, and here are the best of what I'd read:

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• Employers added most jobs in 3 years in March

I hope you'll find those illuminating.  As usual, I've added the new ones into the ever-growing file of accumulated links, and the document (now 12 solid pages of links!) is available here:


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