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It's been a couple of rough weeks around chez Job Stalker ... having gone from the excitement of  several phone interviews in a row ("They like me!!!") to deafening silence for weeks at a time.  I got totally blind-sided on one of them, where the recruiter had told me that he was only doing phone interviews with

about 8 candidates and that he would be "definitely recommending me" to the hiring manager as one of the 2-3 folks to bring in for in-person interviews this week ... when I eventually followed up, he was "tap dancing" on the vast numbers of candidates they'd been looking at, as though he hadn't had the time to get back in touch with me ... it would have been less abusive if he'd shot me an e-mail on Monday telling me I hadn't made the cut.   On the "less bad" side, I seem to be still "in play" for another position that I interviewed for (in person, even) about five weeks ago ... I've touched base twice now with the HR gal, and she responded right away in each case, not with anything definitive, but it would be very easy for her to have taken the opportunity to tell me "thanks, but no thanks" either time if I'd already been eliminated, so at least there's some hope there.  On #3, no word in response to my queries, so I'm guessing "they went another direction" on that position.  

Back to a full networking schedule this week, attending this month's "Let's Create" event on Tuesday which again focused on podcasting, but also featured a presentation by web TV folks "Maybe Hip".  That was interesting, as the crowd was a bit different than "the usual suspects", and so I made a lot of new contacts.  Then, last night I was off at the Chicago Twestival at the fabulous Catalyst Ranch space over at Haymarket Square.  The event was a fundraiser for the Concern Worldwide group, and was also the monthly event for the Social Media Club, and there were dozens of folks I knew, but I still made a number of new connections.

Speaking of networking, I found a new resource ... Tweetvite ... this is sort of a cross between MeetUp and EventBrite and Twitter, with local data on both Twitter (@twvt_chicago) and the web.  This is great because it is often difficult to keep up with "tweetups" if you aren't reading the right folks on Twitter, and this seems to be aggregating those all into a searchable site.

So, it's Friday, isn't it?  And that means I'm passing along the best of my web reading from this week ... I was really worried this week, as by Wednesday I had a very short list, but over the past couple of days a bunch came through, so I've got a good dozen plus for you ...

• Job Search Secret - How to Find the Best Job Leads

• How to Identify and Avoid Job Scams

• 6 job search mistakes in a recession

• Great Cover Letters Are More Effective With Deeper Research

• 14 Extreme Job Hunting Stories

• I Bombed the Phone Interview - Now What?

• Measure of a Man: Unemployed Man Seeks Identity

• Unemployed? 10 Ways to Fight Depression in Your Job Search

• Job Seeking: Does Luck Exist?

• How to Deal with a Bad Interviewer

• Who's hiring right now?

• Explaining Twitter on Your Resume

• Everything I Needed to Know About Job Hunting I Learned from The Godfather

• Master Online Searches

I have another couple of links to pass along, but they weren't the sort of things for the list, really ... but are warnings against two of the "bad guys", the scam sites The Ladders and Hound.  I get a ton of email from these folks, and it's all trying to get you to sign up for recurring payments on your credit cards for listings that (generally speaking) you could find elsewhere on the web.  Blogging headhunter Nick Corcodilos shares my distaste for these predatory companies, and has a post this week about them, referring to another blogger, Toby Dayton, who has a very interesting approach of using Google to check out what sort of experience other folks have had with these companies.  I highly recommend reading those as well.  Again, I've updated the big list of links with this week's bunch, in  an alphabetically-sorted version which you can download here: 


.   Hope you have a good weekend!

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