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Well, if last week was a networking whirlwind, this week made up for it, with my making it out to just one "official" networking event (I did hit a couple of other things where cards were exchanged, but that was sort of by accident).  Next week is back to having to choose between three events nearly every night.  Why the difference?  I blame it on SXSW (the "South by Southwest" conference down in Austin, TX), where at least 20 of the folks I follow on Twitter were ... and I'm guessing that a lot of events got moved away from this week because so many people (in my niche, at least) were off at that.

Once again, the way this week started on culling articles, it looked like I'd have dozens, but it was strong for a few days and then tapered off.  There are few more than last week, but not as many as I was anticipating.  My post on Wednesday also pulled from the list, with the things I was featuring there originally going to be part of this today.

As I've noted previously, I get nearly all my job leads off of Twitter, and I tend to just "stash them" in the tab bar of FireFox as I go through the week, and end up with quite a lot ... this morning I was looking at about 36, and plowed into all of those today.  Out of that total, I got out 12 resumes, found that I'd already applied to about another 12 job openings, and had a mix of deciding that the particular job "just wasn't me" or finding that it had already disappeared for most of the rest (I still have 3 that I've not finished, each having serious "jump through the hoops" application processes).

As I know I've mentioned, I deeply dislike the job boards that make you pay to see their listings, and it was very fun today going 5-for-5 against them ... in each case I was able to Google up alternative routes to the info.  That's what so aggravating about most of these "services": they're not "exclusive listings", they're just jobs they've had web crawlers find and add to their database ... which you need to pony up $30 or so a month (on a recurring charge) to access.  A significant portion of the jobs I see on  Twitter come from (a great service) ... one today had an interesting sounding job, but it pointed off to one of the "ransom" sites, specifically "I Hire Publishing" (the same goons have a whole series of sites for different industries), which, of course, wanted me to give them my credit card info and an initial payment before they'd let me see the listing.  Fortunately, I was able to Google around, and find the same job description over at (another good source), which then pointed me over to the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) job board, which had the actual listing.  It took a little work, but I found the job, was able to apply and spit in the face of the scammers.  Similarly, I was able to find 4 jobs whose listings initially pointed to JobFox (which had been good about a year ago but more and more will unilaterally decide what jobs you can or can not apply to ... as a "free" member, at least ... I'm assuming that one can purchase one's way to the listings if you meet their cash demands!) posts, and was able to get to the actual company sites with a bit of digging.  Every one of these feels like a little victory against the "bad guys"!

Anyway, here's this week's "good stuff" from my Twitter reading, hope you find them helpful ...

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Once again, I've merged these in with the past listings for an alphabetically-sorted "master list" of links  ... click here for the current update: 


.   Not that it matters to anybody else, I'm sure, but this is my fiftieth post as "The Job Stalker" ... needless to say, I'd hoped to have been in a job and no longer in this seat by now, but it does seem to be some sort of a milestone!

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