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Sorry to have not gotten out a mid-week post here ... I had planned one that was focusing on a couple of events this week (including a job fair), but I got swamped by events and by the time I was able to "pull the trigger" on that,  it would have been "old news" (or at least requiring very fast action).  As it turned out, despite my having registered for said job fair, and having it on my calendar, I ended up not attending it, as another event (a focus panel some networking associates were running, regarding a project of yet another acquaintance) presented itself and seemed more to-the-point for my specific job search!

Please pardon the "visual pun" here, but it's oddly hard to find good graphics for networking, and I figured some "working nets" would be a respite from another pic of folks standing around having cocktails!  As I've written before, Chicago is a great market for finding opportunities to get out there and meet folks.  I had thirteen events that I was interested in attending (with 3 competing get-togethers on each of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights) this week, and that's not counting the three after-parties that I was invited to following the Social Media Club monthly meeting last night!  I've made it out to four so far, with one possibility I may yet get to tonight.

Again, while my own "niche" is very active in networking, there are possibilities out there in nearly all industries and interest areas.  I got a weekly update mailing from MeetUp yesterday, and they indicated that there were 712 MeetUps happening around Chicago this week, and that's just one service!  If you're not out there meeting people, you're hampering your chances of running into the random person who knows some other person who is looking to hire somebody with exactly your qualifications ... and that's (unfortunately) the way most jobs get filled these days.  

Anyway, it's Friday, which means it's "link dump day" ... on the other side of the cut are sixteen articles that I've found on the web this week, which I thought were particularly useful, and I hope you find them helpful ...

• To whom it may concern: Five mistakes HR managers warn against on résumés and cover letters

• The Top 3 Questions You Could Ever Ask At A Networking Event

• No Job-Seeker Left Behind

• HOW TO: Write Your 60-Second Elevator Pitch

• Don't Throw Up in the Job Interview

• Can social networking bring job hunters tweet success?

• How to Make Unemployment the Most Productive Time in Your Career

• How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less

• Winning the Job Interview

• Spokeo: Recruiter's Friend and Job Seeker's Nightmare

• 20 Habits of Highly Effective Job Seekers in a Down Market

• Didn't Get The Job? Don't Forget Who Is Interviewing You: Everyone

• Volunteering Yourself into a Job

• Career Expert Offers Tips on How to Stand Out for the Right Reasons

• Job Search 101 - Top Ten Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Get Hired

• Using Intuition in Your Job Search

Hope these give you some good tips ... and, for the whole shebang of links I've shared here,  click here for this week's "big list":  


Oh, and to those who might have been considering picking up some The Job Stalker "swag": unfortunately the Tribune's lawyers decided that the "swag shop" I'd set up with CafePress was not a good idea, so I've pulled that down and edited the previous posts that had links out to it ... a pity, as that was some awesome gear.


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  • GREAT list Brendan! Here's another good one about how recruiters find candidates -

  • Hey Brendan! In reading your post about expanding your networking in hopes of random connections, I had the thought that while random connections do sometimes bring results, I wonder if it's possible to be more targeted. I mean, if you know what you want for a job, can you figure out who hires for these jobs and "stalk" them directly? Of course, if you say know a target company but don't know the person who can hire you, then perhaps hanging around at a networking event might help locate someone in the company who can give you intel, or maybe even an introduction. But I tend to think there's a more direct way if you know the targets. I once got a fantastic job through a random contact at a community event, but it was with a company and in a field in which I had not been looking. Serendipity. But I'd rather bet on a targeted approach, where you strategize opportunities and employers, regardless of "openings" and hunt them down directly. Now that's job stalking!

    Thanks for the post--it gives me ideas about a show I'm planning on the best uses of networking!

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