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Sorry for this missing its usual Friday slot, but my day totally got away from me, and I eventually found myself asleep at the keyboard at 4am!  I'm sure nobody reading this really cares about the details, but I'm still dealing with computer issues, and have been also dealing with an exploding Twitter list, and the way that I've been processing that has been taking up WAY too much time.  I'm dying to shift over to TweetDeck, but as that's machine-based, I don't want to get it all set up and comfy on this system, only to have to try to re-create it on my other system when I eventually do get it back up and running.

I also would like to apologize for the paucity of posts last week, I was somewhat blind-sided by not getting that interview back for Monday, and didn't have anything "in the hopper" to replace it.  Unfortunately (having just bumped that up a week), there may be a gap on the upcoming Monday as well, as I've not been able to even get a response from the author's "people" all week.  If the book in question wasn't so fabulous, I'd have just thrown in the towel and written cranky stuff about it here ... instead, I'm cutting him some slack because I realize that everybody's trying to get some of his time.

Speaking of time, mine has gotten tight as well ... aside from the constant search for an actual "job", I've had a half-dozen "freelance" possibilities come up, all of which are taking chunks out of my week, leaving me (like last night) only "accidentally sleeping".  Of course, if I had my fast computer, I wouldn't have so many times where it's taking 2 minutes to load a web page, providing me with repeated opportunities to nod off at the keyboard!  Needless to say, this isn't the sort of "schedule management" that I've been passing along tips for ... but it does go a ways to explaining why I keep 24/7 timesheets.

Anyway, I have 18 things this week that I thought were worth sharing with you, some of which have been "action points" for my own search (one of which I'm working on this afternoon) ... hope you find them useful as well ...

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