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Got another bunch of links for you this Friday.  As previously noted (for those just coming in now), I spend as much as eight hours a day reading through the hundreds of Twitter folks' post on my "follow" list, which includes job boards, "career experts", people from industries I've been involved in, and others I've encountered in my assorted networking ventures.  From this research I get somewhere north of 25 resumes out a week (sometimes quite a bit more), and see a LOT of articles about the job search.  If something seems particularly helpful, I'll grab its title and URL and drop that in a text file to bring to you at the end of the week.  Just to let you know, this is the "best of" from fifty hours or so of my reading!  


Speaking of networking, I only managed to get out to one event this week, despite having been scheduled for three ... I had some "emergency" issues come up with side-projects, and the only way for me to stay remotely "on schedule" was to cut out the social.  Last night, however, I did make it out to the Networking For A Cause event, which was quite good.  It was a combination of non-profit groups, social media folks, and random "young professionals", and I got to touch base with a number of previous contacts, and make several new ones.  The reason I'm bringing this up was that I got clued into yet another source for finding networking events.  One fellow that I was talking to said that he'd seen the event on the EventBrite listings ... now, I knew of EventBrite, as they were the "ticketing service" used by many of these networking groups, but it had never occurred to me (I always got to their site via a Tweet or web page specific to an event) that they had listings!  Obviously, if you're looking for places to go to network, adding EventBrite to your list of resources (along with Meet-up, Tweet-up, and industry lists) makes a lot of sense.  Right now they have 295 events listed for Chicago.

Anyway, with that, let's go to the links (no, not golfing) ... only 17 this week (I flagged more, but several turned out to have been repeats, so got pulled), but some of these are pretty amazing, including a 124-page "e-book" on the "Successful Job Search" ... hope you find these useful ...

• Use Twitter To Prepare For Your Job Interview

• Are All Your Job Search Eggs in One Basket?

• Being Prepared for the Unexpected

• 4 Classic Quotes about Your Job Search

• Out Of Work For Over A Year? How To Bounce Back

• Smart blogging can boost your career

• Job Hunters, Beware

• Tactics For Successful Career Branding

• Rebound from Job Rejections

• Job Hunters' Self Marketing Glossary

• CareerBuilder survey: 6 in 10 workers laid off in last year now have a job

• Networking: Take the Work Out by Putting the Fun In

• 30 Ideas. The Ideas Of Successful Job Search. New 2010 Edition

• Nine Reasons Not To Delay Your Job Hunt

• Need a Job? Then Don't Waste Time on Job Boards

• How a Tweet Could Trash Your Career

• What To Reveal During Your Job Search

I know I asked this last week, but would there be interest out there among The Job Stalker readers for me to develop a page that would collect all of these weekly link dumps into one handy-dandy source for all that data?  It's currently up to 7 pages' worth, and is growing every week ... but I'd like to know if that's something that you all are interested in before jumping through the hoops that would be involved to get that up and maintained! 


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