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So, this is where I'd "typically" have a book review and author interview feature, and had been expecting to have a particular book featured here both of the past two Mondays.  As noted, I'd been dealing with the Author's "people" previously and had hit a point of no response from them, and was bitching about it on Twitter when I got a reply from the Author himself.  I tried to prod him to get that (very brief) form done, but the best he could do for me was suggest that I might have a 5-minute phone interview in "2 or 3 weeks" ... which, needless to say, disappointed the heck out of me (especially since I'd purposely bought the book to feature in here)!

However, I have some cool stuff from a previous author that was featured here.  Conor Cunneen, who writes the Irishman Speaks blog, just came up with a great post, "Hit Me Again. I Can Still Hear Him." about writing concisely, with various (it being President's Day, and all) Presidential anecdotes to illustrate his points.  He also is introducing a free e-book, Information Gathering Tips for the Job Seeker, which spins off of his SHEIFGAB the World book, bringing readers the core of that system, with specific new material for researching one's job leads, etc. (this should be a definite add-on for anybody who already has the book).  Do go check those out!

Also, something new that I've been "threatening" to do for a while ... I've whipped up a CafePress store of cool The Job Stalker swag!  Everything in there, mugs, tiles, bags, hats, shirts, etc. is at the "base price" so there's no mark-up involved ... just a way to tell the world you're out there looking for that next employment opportunity!


{Edit: as of 2/26/2010 the "swag shop" has been taken down
 at the
request of the Tribune's legal team ... bummer!}

And, finally, of today's mixed-up grab-bag of last-minute replacement features, there's that "List of Links" that I've been trying to get some feedback on from you all.  I first tried to do this as an HTML file, but it was a mess, so I'm trying doing a .doc file which will hopefully keep all the links in place.  Click here: 


to download the current copy (it's alphabetical, so will be changing every week as new links are added).  Hope that helps!

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