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Another busy week, although I don't quite have as many links for you as usual (things that might have ended up in this list have been, as you may have noticed, being spun off into their own posts!).  I had a couple of very interesting networking events, a meeting of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday (I'm doing some consulting with Evantston On-Line's web video project and was asked to come up and help schmooze), and a rather raucous get-together for all the Chicago Now bloggers last night ... another reminder that there are tons of way to get out and talk to folks in the Chicago area!

I'd seen bits and pieces of this on Twitter, but really only stumbled over the actual info on it today, it's called HAPPO ("Help a PR Pro Out") and is a special event (which seems to be based various places around the country) to focus on PR job opportunities.  This may not be "your thing", but I grew up in PR, and have spent most of my career in that general area, so it got my attention.  The local Chicago coordinator Gini Dietrich has also been encouraging folks to Tweet her with their info in they're in the job search ... so they might be putting together a "people looking to be hired" database to match up with participating agencies, etc.  Anyway, if you're looking for something in the PR industry, you should definitely look into that.

As noted, we're a bit thin on what I deemed to be "quality links" this week (I really do try to not put stuff on the list as "padding", asking myself "is this something that I'd be irritated to have wasted time clicking through to?" on articles/posts before they make it to the list), with a "baker's dozen" that includes a re-post of one from Monday's piece (just in case you missed it).  As usual, after the cut ...

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• 4 Steps for Effective Online Networking

Hope these are useful!  And, here's this week update to the "big list":


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