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Doing something a little bit different today ... I had three URLs that I was considering for the weekly "link dump", but each was a resource for a particular area rather than an article or blog post, and I figured: why not feature them together.

Now, one caveat before we plow into this:  I've not actually used these sites, I've looked at a couple of them before, but they've not specifically fit my present job search, so they've been sort of "put on the shelf" just in case I feel like I need to change my search mode.  The three areas covered are Freelance resources, Recruiter listings, and post-your-resume Job Boards.

First we have the Top 50+ Online Freelance Marketplaces from a site called JobMob.  I've not encountered these guys before, and don't recall who on Twitter had posted a link to this.  The list caught my eye as I've been finding that my skills have been in somewhat of demand on a "project" basis, and while I have never seriously considered freelancing (it always seemed like taking on two full-time jobs, one being a sales gig to get assignments, and then the other being the actual job of doing the assignments!), this looked like something with which I should probably get more familiar.  I had heard of a handful of the sites on the list, and a couple have been recommended to me for places to get writing projects.

Next there's Top Executive Recruiters and Headhunters from Job Concierge, one of the rare pay-to-search services that I don't hate, largely because they're active & engaged on Twitter, and provide resources like this (I still don't think I'd sign up, though).  There are 50 industry categories here, and it can be sorted by state as well (there are 51 entries in Illinois).  Frankly, I've been somewhat put off by the recruiters that I've met in my networking (they're all lovely people, of course), but many "job experts" strongly advise working with them in one's search.  Again, I've not gotten in deeper than seeing who might be on what list here, so if it works for you, great.

Lastly, there's Major Resume Posting Sites  from Better Job Search, another group that is quite active (and engaged) on Twitter.  They appear to be a "resume writing" service at heart, but have lots and lots of resources freely available on their site.  This list is (as if you hadn't guessed) of sites where you can post your resume, something that most of the "trendy" career consultants will tell you is useless, but is still a tool that's out there, and you never know who might be "cluelessly" checking those boards because they're looking to hire somebody and they don't know that they're not supposed to be looking there!

Anyway, hope you find those useful ... it just seemed that the three of those needed a bit more attention as resources than just showing up in the weekly links. 


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  • This is a good list and a great starting point for job seekers because it is so brief. Lists that contain anywhere from 10-50 of what are supposedly the best job sites can be too overwhelming and seem like too large a task for many job seekers. I do want to recommend that job seekers check out the company I work for, ( It's a job matching site where candidates create profiles and are matched to relevant opportunities. After candidates complete their profiles, OneWire does the work for them. This way, they have more free time to network and figure out whether the other sites you recommend are right for their job search.

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