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So, I guess I should have saved one of those posts from last week to run this week!  I'd actually planned to have another author interview this Monday, but there was a "communications breakdown" with that, and now I'm hoping that it will be in-hand in time to run next Monday ... it's a good one, though, so should be worth the wait.

I was off at networking events both of the past couple of nights, so was away from the computer until relatively late, and didn't manage to get anything pulled together to bring you.  As regular readers know, I try very hard to go to at least two networking events per week.  For many folks, this sounds like a lot, but I really think it's the bare minimum to be sufficiently "out there" to make quality connections.  Of course, being in Chicago is a big advantage, as there are so many events available.  Both of this week's events were MeetUps, of which there are hundreds all over the area every month.  In fact, I usually have to pick between multiple events scheduled against each other.  Monday I was at the "Interactive Design & Development" meet-up, which was hosted by the Wunderland organization (a recruiting firm, handy folks to know in a job search, yes?), which featured  Matt Moog of the Viewpoints Network who did a very interesting presentation on leveraging Social Media in commercial settings.  Last night I was off at the monthly meeting of the local NetSquared group, an organization that brings together non-profits with tech and social media people.

Again, I can't stress strongly enough
how important it is to get out of the house and rub elbows with folks
who are actually employed in the areas you're interested in.  MeetUp is
the first thing you should check out, but getting on Twitter and
Facebook and finding groups in your target industries will likely
provide dozens of opportunities per week.

I found another "new"
resource on Twitter this week ... the CraigsList job posts are now
showing up as Twitter feeds!  These aren't as "finely sorted" as some
of the other Twitter job resources as it features all of their Illinois posts, but
right now it's only one of three region-specific lists (they have
Illinois, California, and Canada), these are at @CLjobsIL, and you'll probably want to add them to your follows on Twitter.

Last, but hardly least, my efforts on The Job Stalker blog were featured in another Chicago Now blog today, Mike Doyle's ChicagoSphere
... I've gotten to know Mike a bit from networking events, and he did an
e-mail interview with me a couple of weeks back.  Aside from
ChicagoSphere blog here, he also writes Chicago Carless which provides him with his Twitter handle of @chicagocarless (in case you want to follow him there).

Well, I'll be back with the "big list of links" on Friday (which has some great stuff in it again this week), and hopefully have that interview/review ready for Monday ... stay tuned.

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