Struggling back ...

Still fighting with the dread "dead computer" issues here ... have a new hard drive coming (hopefully today) for my main computer, and still scraping along with an old jerry-rigged system at the moment.  While very frustrating (I'm used to fairly intense multi-tasking that my current system just is not up to), I have managed to get into a flow of being able to at least generally keep up with my job search reading, meaning that I have a good block of "weekend reading" to pass along to you today!

On other fronts, finally, after the holidays, the networking calendar started to swell this week.  Once again, I probably could have gone to a dozen events this week.  However, I've found that completely filling my week with these eventually becomes counter-productive, as there's an exhaustion factor that catches up with me.  To give you a feeling of what sorts of things are out there, I figured I'd give you a run-down on what I've been to this week.  On Tuesday it was the monthly Meet-Up for the NetSquared group, which is an outreach that brings together folks in the non-profit field with folks in the tech field, since I'm interested in both sides of that equation, it's a natural.  I got to see some folks I'd not had a chance to chat with in a couple of months, and saw a great presentation (although this on was not particularly good for making new connections).  On Wednesday, I was up in Evanston working on some consulting that I'm doing with's Evanston Today Live web news program, and ended up staying up there for an event that the Technology Innovation Center was holding.  Met a number of new folks, which got converted over to 1st degree LinkedIn connections.  Last night I was off at the launch party for the Tribune's "Nelson Algren Awards", which was fabulous in that I got to meet a whole bunch of folks that I'd previously only known via Twitter ... and it's always good to be able to have face-to-face contact with folks, no matter how "techy" one is.  I have another possible Meet-Up in play for this evening, but I'm thinking a night home with the family might be more constructive.

While you're catching up on the reading here, you might also want to block out some time to start poking around on the web for events in your area -- is a good place to start, as would be Google, combining industry key words with "event" or "networking".  Anyway, links below the cut, hope you find them helpful ...

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