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Sorry to have not posted much this week.  I've been trying to put together something on using LinkedIn for the job search, but my own personal use of LinkedIn is more of an adjunct to my networking, so I've not quite gotten to the point of being able to make substantial suggestions for how to "leverage" that resource.

Again, The Job Stalker is a blog about its author's job search, and tips and such extracted from that search.  I am not an expert on employment, I'm not in HR or career consulting, I'm just a guy who's been through this process a lot more that I'd like, and am willing to share what insights I might have with you.

This week was largely spent getting ready for a job interview that I had yesterday ... one for which I needed to do some considerable background research.  So, instead of my being able to prepare informative posts for this space, I was buried in that ... it's the nature of this blog.  I did want to tell you that I at least felt bad about not getting more stuff up for you to read this week!

However, with a few more gaps than normal, I managed to keep up with most of my Twitter reading, and pulled out a fairly substantial list of interesting posts/articles/features to leave you with for weekend reading.

Hope you find these of interest:

• Networking Events Might Be the Way to Your Next Job Offer

• Take it from HR: One Typo Can Kill Your Chances

• How to Prepare for Cultural Fit Interview Questions

• Who needs a resume? Tweet earned him a job

• Free eBook- Using the Social Web to Find Work

• What Can You Do When Nothing's Working in Your Job Search?

• Advice: The Art of Working and Reworking Your Network

• Economic Reports Raise Hopes For Global Recovery

• A Year Ago.

• The Do-It-Yourself Economy

• 101 Ways to Find A Job

• Experts: Full speed ahead for job search during holidays

• Job Interview Preparation - How to Create That Powerful First Impression

• Minimize the 'Hops'!

• Career Advice: Temp Jobs Can Lead To Permanent Employment

• Why Smart People Use Umbrellas When It Rains

• Give Yourself the Gift of Employment


• 10 Networking Tricks for Introverts

I had hoped to have another author interview ready to go for Monday, but right now I'm still waiting on responses from several people I've contacted.  I'm planning to get that piece on using LinkedIn done over the weekend, so you may be seeing that instead.

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