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One of the features that I've planned for The Job Stalker is a weekly round-up of interesting articles that I've come across relating to the job search.  It's my intent that this will be a regular Friday  feature, but with getting things geared up here last week, the first of those posts came out on Saturday and, due to the holiday looming ahead of us this week, I'm passing along these to you now.  There's quite a lot to read in this batch, so it's just as well if you have some extra time to get into them.

One of the side-effects of concentrating the bulk of my job search on Twitter this time around is that, along with all those job leads, I get exposed to a wide range of articles, blog posts, news stories, etc.  Some of these are "research" and/or "continuing education" sorts of things for me in the various areas I have professional interest in, but others are specifically job-search related.  As I get into these, the ones I think are of general interest I flag for passing along here.

This week's bunch of links is rather a mixed bag, from lists of resources to visualizations of the job situation, and from resume and interview tips to discussions of how to keep your emotional state from spiraling into the abyss.

Again, these are primarily from my constant Twitter reading ... and I certainly encourage you, if you haven't yet done so, to go get a (free) Twitter account and start exploring the subjects that are particularly focused on your own job search.  One of these links is likely to be very helpful with that, as it has a list of 100 Twitter "hashtags" (a way of making Tweets searchable), with live links to follow to the search results.  

• Social Networking Explodes As Job-Search Tool


• How To Best Use Twitter Lists for Job Search

• The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

• 12 Offbeat Resources for Landing a Tech Job

• Your Job Search: Preparing for the Interview

• Top 100+ Job Search Hashtags on Twitter

• 7 Steps Worth Climbing: How to Open a Career Door

• Experts offer tips for beating career blues

• How to Stand Out in the Crowd in a Tough Job Market

• Lack of focus and purpose causes depression.

• Creating a Résumé That Sells

• Job Hunting in a Social Media World

• Controlling Emotions During the Search

Recently my boss from my last job commented that one of the things he missed most about our company (which went out of business back in May) was getting a constant stream of links like this (albeit related to our particular niche) from me during the week.  I guess you're benefiting from my jobless state, as the research I'm currently doing is on the job search, and you're getting these instead of him!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and look for my next update on Monday.


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    Thanks for the comment! That site does look interesting ... there are so many things being developed to keep track of social media these days.

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