Meet The Job Stalker

You've asked all your friends: Just who is this Job Stalker, the mastermind behind those beady eyes, the magician who wrote the "You Gotta Hire Me" theme song, the genius who told me not to print my resume on cloud paper?

Well, now you can meet me. (Pause for applause)

Sept. 17, I'll be working the room at the Chicago Tribune Career Fair.  I'd love to meet you and hear all about your job search. I'll be blogging throughout the day, featuring the career fair's best and brightest job stalkers. 

Sept. 29, at Social Real Estate Chicago, I'll be speaking about how I've used social media (like TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook) to aid my job search. Don't worry - I'll post a few helpful guides in advance so that you can still work it, even if you are new to social media.
Stop by. We'll commiserate. We'll plot. It will be the best day of your life.

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