10 Reasons Why It's Awesome To Be Unemployed


Photo by Eliot Phillips

1. When making small talk at the salon, your answer to the "And what do you do?" question causes the person cutting your hair to panic that they are about to be robbed with their own scissors.

2. You really can't spare any change.
3. Magic credit card fairies tuck money under your pillow when friends come to visit from out of town.
4. You can "like" the statuses of all 301 of your Facebook friends.
5. Finally, business cards that say "professional superhero."
6. Elaborate get-rich-quick schemes - like edible greeting cards for pets - suddenly seem totally doable.
7. When people talk about eating off the backs of the taxpayers, you can ask them to pass the salt.
8. Work Dreams = Sex Dreams
9. Wine out-of-a-box is better for the environment. So is living without electricity.

10. That local coffee shop you've been supporting can finally support you back.

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  • I do like wine out of a box and it's biodegradable!
    Eco Friendly Burning Candles No Chemicals

  • Why don't they make edible greeting cards for humans?

  • They do make edible greeting cards for humans. You can find them at cookievites.com - but if you're not working, you can't afford them. Sorry, Julie :(

  • Trying to separate "being unemployed" from "being retired" - one seems more relaxing than the other without the PRESSURE (as Billy Joel calls it) of chasing after something and needing a job. But that said, perhaps an eleventh reason it is awesome to be unemployed: TIME (to waste, to dream, to decipher the shapes of clouds, to exercise, to plan nutritious meals, to write, to discover, to create). It's really all about TIME. Best of luck spending yours.

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