When the Runway Simply Disappears

Have you ever been sitting in the back of an airliner on approach to Midway or O’Hare on a rainy day? You look out the window and see absolutely nothing other than water streaming along the window perhaps, because you’re flying inside a cloud which is nothing more than concentrated water between you and the... Read more »

A Closet Aviation Politico Emerges

OK, I might as well come clean here on my second post. I’m a political junkie. I’m completely mesmerized on an almost daily basis by how our political system operates … or doesn’t. To be true to my aviation faith however, I’m going to — for now at least — ignore the fact that the... Read more »

Aviation 101: The Fun Begins Here

If you're reading this first sentence, you've already passed the initial test ... airplanes hold some sort of interest for you. They've been a part of my life since I was 10 and while I refuse to mention how long ago that was, I do think you deserve to know a bit about me. And remembering the rules of also being a good speaker, I know how to be brief. [caption id="attachment_10" align="alignleft" width="108"]I'm a whiner small The official button of Jetwhiners everywhere.[/caption] Born and raised in Chicago, I survived the Chicago Public School system and earned a BA from Northeastern Ill University and a Masters at Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism where I occassionally hang out as an adjunct instructor these days. Earned all the pilot ratings around Chicagoland -- including as a flight instructor -- before I began driving big airplanes for a living as a charter and eventually an airline pilot for the original Midway Airlines. It was a great job til they shut the airline down in 1992, the same year we lost PanAm in fact. I then flew private jets for companies from Waukegan, Chicago Executive and DuPage Airports until not long ago. And of course, during those years I was always writing. If you want to know more than this, check out the bio at my aviation industry blog at Jetwhine.com. That blog is, of course, how this one came to be named Jetwhine-Chicago ... a place where people with an interest in all things related to aviation around Chicagoland can feel free to stop by and learn by reading, asking questions and sharing opinions about what I publish. And while I'm very serious about the industry I've spent my life trying to improve, I've never forgotten how to laugh at myself and the foibles we occasionally trip over along the way...
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