Chicago to Cancun from Midway or O'Hare

It's the perfect time of year in Chicago to think about white sandy beaches, cabana boys and tiny umbrellas in your pina colada while lounging on a warm Mexican beach.  Flights from Chicago to Cancun are in demand year-round and currently, the only way to get there is through the never predictable O'Hare Airport.

But all that's about to change if Southwest Airlines gets its way.

Yep.  The gloves are off according to Crain's Chicago to be the 3rd airline providing air transportation from Chicago to Cancun.  According to an agreement with Mexico, only 3 airlines are allowed to service the Cancun - Chicago market at any given time and currently all flights to Cancun are flying out of O'Hare.  The 3rd position came up for grabs when Apple Vacations decided to switch providers from USA 3000 airlines to Frontier Airlines.  According to Frontier, they got permission from all other airlines to take over the route but conflict has arisen from Southwest Airlines since they are the parent company of AirTran, one of the airlines that agreed to the takeover.

According to Crain's Chicago:

The Department of Transportation will award the Cancun route after determining which carrier would provide the most benefits to the flying public, in terms of competition, safety and the ability to sustain traffic on the route. It's unclear what would happen to Apple's charter flights if Southwest wins rights to the route.

Who do you think should win the Chicago-Cancun travel rights?  Frontier at O'Hare or Southwest at Midway?

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