Chef's Table at Red Flame Pizzeria

I'm always visiting places for the first time when Theresa Carter of The Local Tourist is around.  I especially love her Chef's Table series, where she features a new Chicago restaurant every month.  This month, to my delight, we went to Red Flame Pizzeria, where I tried (and loved) my first grilled pizza.

The pizza shop is located in Lincoln Park and boasts a two step, two flame process for making their unique style of Chicago's favorite pie.  First the dough is grilled, then toppings are melted on top.  The crust comes out as a lovely combination of chewy and crunchy deliciousness.

The grilled pizza prices are very reasonable starting at $13, but if you go in on a Wednesday, you can get 2 for the price of one!

Here was our menu from The Local Tourist's February Chef's Table at Red Flame.

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