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I am a Lump

I know I have referenced in the past that I am content wherever I am. I am not the intrepid adventurer.  I am more of a passenger of life: wherever it takes me, I will find pleasure.  Thirty one years ago I left Detroit for life 300 miles West.  I loved my life near my... Read more »

On the Road

I am in transit this weekend- a boomerang trip to Detroit.  It is the first Joliat holiday without our fearless leader, and my Motor City siblings wanted to unite for a nice family dinner.  I had opted out, knowing that I had over decorated, under shopped, and craved some time nestled in my glimmery world.... Read more »

Life Above the Podcast

Today is the day that Steve starts his daily Dahl podcast.  He has been working so hard on the technology and logistics, as have all the people that you know as the radio family.  He wants to let the actual content start as a seed and germinate, so I guess I can expect today’s inaugural... Read more »

A gift for us, a gift for you- read to the end to peek

Last night Steve and I did our seasonal run to Redamak’s, the iconic hamburger restaurant on Red Arrow Highway.  It was to be “early dinner” to avoid the crowds, but then we realized that the crowds are back in their school-centered lives.   Those that aren’t tethered to their kids might not choose to getaway... Read more »

Home Again- Chatter that does not Matter

I am home from Michigan- I have a Village Board meeting, and so I dragged Steve back with me just as the sun returned to Harbor Country. My timing is impeccable. He worked on wiring the studio for his podcast, (starting September 8th) and now he is hitting golf balls on a closed course, so... Read more »