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Touch and Go

Touch and Go
In his crazy-eights youth, Steve would toss off his marital status as “separated- Janet’s in the suburbs, and I am in Chicago.”  Ha Ha. Fast forward 30 odd years, and that joke becomes our truth. Except that he is in Pompano Beach, and I am in Chicago. With strategic blending. This is a blending week,... Read more »

Project One: Done. A Gallery.

Project One: Done. A Gallery.
When Steve is away, I choose a random task to complete. Why? To delude myself that I am efficient and useful in his absence.  Steve has suggested that I teach myself to cook.  The kitchen is for reading the newspaper. Silly Man. Last year I did my “This is Your Life, Dahl Boys” project.  The... Read more »

On the other side

28 years ago I was at Hinsdale hospital with Steve, and at  10:13, I  welcomed Patrick Dahl into the world. It was a day that changed everything for me.  Now I am back at Hinsdale Adventist, and I have to tell you- there is no parting gift like a baby. I am departing tomorrow with... Read more »

This is a Tribune conflict of interest....promoting my kid..

but I am proud of my family. So I must state that Pat works for the Blackhawks. (due diligence)   He creates video content for their website, as well as promotional video and occasionally stuff that appears on the scoreboard.  He and his feisty crew at the United Center- er- Madhouse on Madison- created this... Read more »

A PS about Gameday at the Dahls

                         Pat came to the Dahl Bears game buffet from work, and he had the camera he filmed Blackhawks practice with.  Matt Dahl imposed upon him to make this NFL sanctioned short film, Soft Knocks, featuring the camera excellence and instant editing of Pat and... Read more »