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Two roads diverged, and I took the Patrick one

Two roads diverged, and I took the Patrick one
Today is an auspicious day in the life of the Dahl family. Thirty three years ago Steve and I were in Detroit. My sister was getting married.  Steve was multitasking: he was simulcasting on Detroit and Milwaukee stations, and he was doing a personal appearance on Friday.  Garry was in town as well. I can... Read more »

Post Birthday Musings

My poor husband has ricocheted with my birthday gloom this past week- I have been a sad sack. He even added a year to his own age at one point to sooth my despair that I am (for the next two months) 5 years older than he is.   I do not get like this too... Read more »

Giving Thanks, 2009

Thanksgiving is a holiday that has no hardened traditions for me.  When I was young, I would nag my Dad to take me to the Lions game so I could avoid the kitchen drudgery.  My Dad took me because no one wanted to sit in the frigid Briggs Stadium. I never learned how to make... Read more »