Rant 2: Who needs fresh home grown produce?

Rant 2: Who needs fresh home grown produce?
Not a lot of ripeness

Aside from flowers, whose death I can blame on drought or heat, I rarely plant much in the way of gardens.  I am unwilling to fail via neglect.

This year, I decided to adopt a tomato plant and a basil sprout to provide the foundation for caprese salads or BLTs. It was not ambitious, I know, but it pleased me to envision myself filling my apron pockets with salad fixens'.

The accompanying photo is the harvest I shook off the dead limbs yesterday after I became too tired of looking at my epic failure.  See that teeny tiny cherry tomato looking thing? That is my only full-on red fruit.  It has a 3/4 inch diameter. The one that looks orangeish is really brown on the bottom.  Still, I just may eat it.  Or bread it and fry it...

These damn tomatoes would never ripen on the vine.  Ever.  If I left them on the vine, they rotted.  If I brought them in to the windowsill, they sat there, stubbornly.  Like paperweights.  Not like food.

The basil was better.  But really, how much basil can a person eat?  I know I should get the old food processor out and make pesto.  I left those plants outside, because they smell delicious even as they get brownish and leggy.

Maybe I could find success with cherry tomatoes.  Caprese on a skewer is very cute and tasty.  But I think the bib overalls will be retired.  I have a black thumb.

I am officially off of suburban vegetable gardening.  That is the reason God made Farmer's Markets.


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  • I sooooooo miss my garden that I had when I was married. Going from a 3 bedroom house on 1/4 acre of land to a 1 bedroom apartment was a killer. My garden was cathartic for me. If I had a bad day - to the garden to take out my frustration on the weeds. Have a good day - go and pick berries, tomatoes and fresh herbs for a celebratory dinner. Don't give up on gardening, even if it is one small plant. There is a learning curve to it all and this years was not the greatest for it.

  • just moved into our new home. haven't even started the veggie garden yet. might consider staying only with flowers and plants. wouldn't mind herbs though. i agree, that's what friends are for ... to go together to farmer's market. well. here's to all the farmers. bless our farmers.

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