I had to take a post off of the Rush discussion, because it was racist, anti-semitic and anti-gay. All observations made by this poster went through a lens of venom.  It did not improve her persuasiveness.

I am willing to engage, but I cannot/will not  respond to unmitigated hate.  I cannot fix the world so it fits this person's view of perfect.

My Rush post was meant to highlight how easily a powerful broadcaster can malign a citizen.  A bully pulpit can be a force for good....or evil.

I believe we are more alike than different, and words can lead us to common ground.  Hate and denigration cannot.  To that end, I deleted these cruel words.

It would seem that Rush has had second thoughts about his hateful depiction of a young woman who was seeking to add a voice to the dialogue.  He has apologized for making a joke of her earnest efforts.  Maybe he is sincere.  Or his sponsors have pressured him.  Or he realized that since he broadcasts in many states where the legal doctrine of slander per se makes attributions of prostitution actionable, he could be subject to a trial and significant damages.   Whatever it is, I think we all make better observers and commenters when we pause to focus and frame our views.  Maybe this is a teaching/learning moment.


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  • Rush Limbaugh was forced…... to make that "apology"….he feels no shame or remorse in what he said.

  • Janet.

    The vitriol you elicited from your previous post was shocking and discouraging.

    We all have lost the capacity to intelligently discuss any complex issue. It has devolved into a reality TV show where it is a competition for outrageousness.

    Janet, you write one hell of a brief and many of your comments were salient, but the noise just obfuscates the real issue:

    It is folly that private institutes/industry provide healthcare.

    ...but the wealthiest nation on Earth, the United States, views healthcare as a "perk" akin to a casual Fridays, and tells those who can't afford it tough sh**.

    Sandra Fluke was a poor, poor choice as an example of a trod upon female. How about the married woman with four children already who is working nights as a nurse's aid at Loyola (a Catholic) hospital while her husband works his a** off during the day to give their children a better life?

    What is she deemed? She is most likely working that low-wage, thankless job to provide her family with health care, but because Loyola is a "Catholic" hospital she gets no contraceptive coverage.

    And we need to reveal the hypocrisy of "religious"/Catholic institutions. These places, particularly hospitals, are multi-million dollar operations whose executive have not taken a vow of poverty. They are not home to a Mother Theresa ministering to the poor. If you fail to pay your bill, you can be promised a collection call. They provide no more charity care than secular institutions and have as many brand new gleaming buildings.

    Yes. There is a First Amendment; however, there are also laws that these corporations must adhere to. Failing to follow HIPPAA or accepted medical practices will result in legal action.

    And why is this strictly a woman's issue? This remains a patriarchal society despite the fact that 51% of its citizens are female so we must bring men into the debate. Men are the ones who impregnate. Men have sex with women.

    Janet. I would like to see you use your deft and pointed writing and language skills to illuminate the true issues and highlight just why this is the third rail. It's fun to write about Oxycontin and FemiNazis, but it does not move the conversation forward...for anyone.

    I am so disheartened. It feels hopeless.

    I am now going to listen to the DahlCast. It makes me laugh.

  • Janet,

    I met you years ago, when our husbands were young in Chicago radio. I have been reading your blog the last couple of years. Always enjoy them. This one particularly hit home---you go, Janet, you are speaking for allot of us...glad you are doing this !

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