How Lame am I?

How Lame am I?
Next up: Mocha (Valentine's day) Bailey's flavored coffee in March (St. Pat's)

I even tailor my coffee and creamer to the holiday season.

During the Fall- I go to Pumpkin Spice.  For Christmas, Peppermint, Mocha mint, - any brand that features a festive image jumps into my cart.  Now that I am in the Winter doldrums- my coffee follows me.  I still have egg nog creamer, though.  I cannot bring myself to throw it out.

I am adapting to life with no Steve.

His old joke:  "we are separated, he is in Florida and I am in Chicago makes me smile."

I will write about it tonight.  I did not wish to seem sad, despite the fact that I blubbered almost all day Monday.  I have dragged my family and the blogreaders into my rabbit hole with my post Christmas melancholy. Enough!!  The snow is lovely, the dogs are good company, and I have many chores to attack.

Steve needs the sun and the fresh air.  I do, too.

It is quiet, though.  Cold.  Snowy.

Maybe I will make a pot of coffee....



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  • Good coffee ALWAYS helps. Fresh Market has some great blends. Embrace every season especially the seasonal coffee and creams..

  • Steve may have the sun, but Henry is here.

    Haven't heard much about him lately.

    And yes. Coffee makes everything better. Bonnie Hunt is close to her mother, and frequently noted that whenever they talked, whatever they time, her mom would always preface it, "Oh. Let's put on a pot of coffee."

  • Janet,
    Time for a little "get away" to Florida!! Only a few hours away!!!!!

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    I hear you Janet! I just threw out our actual Christmas eggnog today! And then I purchased some pumpkin spice creamer, (the date was still good). And I'm enjoying every bit of it. If I close my eyes, it's Autumn all over again. I can still smell the burning leaves, smell the pumpkin pie and relive it's colorful splendor. It sure went by too fast. Every day does. ; ( I must be old.

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