Why I accomplish Nothing

Shopping is barely started, but it was a rainy day, and the furnace dude was here.  So I spent my time photographing the dogs, listening to Steve on WLS and playing with the Picnik photo application.  I don't feel great about it, but I'll get over it.

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  • Just remember -- enjoying wasted time is not wasting time. Frankly that's one way I can enjoy writing every retired day on CN

  • Janet,

    Looking at all your lovely lights made me think of something, something Steve could use as fodder for his show.

    ComEd is selling gift cards for paying your electric bill:

    Now, put aside how depressing it is to give somebody a gift of just keeping their lights on, of having a gift be the ability to just pay your utilities. Forget all that, which is bad in itself, and represents the worst aspects of ComEd in a "what were they thinking?" kind of way.

    No. That's not the worst part. The worst part? There is a $5 processing fee for the card. So, if you give somebody a $50 card to pay their bills, they only get $45 of it, ComEd pockets five bucks for the convenience of handling the card.

    Unbelievable, no? Forget that department stores and coffee shops that mainly do holiday gift cards handle all the processing fees, so that if you give somebody 50 bucks, they get 50 bucks, which is nice because you already paid sales tax on the card, and they are going to pay sales tax on the stuff they buy WITH the card - and that taxes go to pay for ComEd.

    ComEd couldn't even meet that bar. No. In a move that pre-reform Scrooge would tip his hat to, ComEd has found an elegant way to fleece the poor for some cash under the guise of holiday giving.

    Ebeneezer could only say to ComEd, "well played, sirs. well played."

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