The Light Shines Bright...Phase 5

I know you are Christmas weary.  I will spare you the family room so you can be sufficiently dazzled by the back of the house.  This is a happy, happy part of my house, at Christmas and everyday. Click the title for the photo tour....


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  • Janet,
    So much work, but so worth it!
    Every room is gorgeous!
    Now it's time to enjoy!

  • Whoa. I thought Steve was embellishing for comedic purposes.Your family has made some very nice memories and traditions.

    I am not a Christmas person. Despite my Catholicism I may go Jewish for the holiday and simply see "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on the 25th.

    Mmm. Not sure if that's Jewish or Pete Zimmerman.

  • Janet, I'm enjoying all your pictures and possibly even a little inspired to do more decorating myself. That quilt is beautiful- I'm envious of people that talented!

  • Your Christmas decorating skills are wonderful.... so good that it inspired me to sign up with Chicago Now and give you kudos!! (I have been reading your blog for some time...the proverbial "fly on the wall") I am coveting your sun room and was so touched at how you remember Steve's mom and your sweet dog Chammie ( I remember some of her adventures with being a long time listener of Steve.) Please continue to include pictures with your lovely blogs!!
    Merry Christmas!!

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