Phase 6: the family room,and a grateful farewell...

I am almost agoraphobic diring the holidays- I love to just be at home, distracted by the memories embedded in every piece of Christmas clutter.  There is peace and beauty. History.

In the attic, other themes are on hiatus- what I have shared are my favorites.  Next year,with Henry toddling, perhaps the 101 Dalmations tree will descend from the attic.  Or the gingerbread men cut from grocery bags and stitched with green yarn.  OR the ABC tree.  Maybe I will be even more comforted by the familiarity of Christmas Past.  I know my heart will be aglow with the happiness that Christmas delivers to me- a chance to spend time with family, friends, food, wine and wonder.  Thank you for co-traveling on my obsession.  You are good company!


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  • Thanks for sharing your home and its decorations. All of it was beautiful

  • Loved looking at all of your decorations. My daughter would be in heavan at your house. She's 7 and all about decorating!

  • Lots of great ideas. I love your enthusiasm for the season!

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    You and I are a sister from a different mother!! Actually, my sister Joni, sent me your blog! I am so grateful she did! Janet, you and I decorate very similarly and I too crave days just being at home with our decorations and memories too. It is January 6th today, and the Feast of the Three Kings. Hardly ready to take my tree and decorations down yet, but I fear it is time. So with regret and a heavy heart, we will begin to de-Christmas the house. (But, my 7 ft. Christmas tree stays decorated in the lower level basement area all year! And there is a 6 ft. and a 5ft. in two of the guest rooms too!) AND I now place all the ornaments and decorations from our main tree up in a five chest of drawers upstairs, just so I can go visit my little beauties any time I want all year long, just by opening any of those drawers!! Peace ~Jane

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