A momentary detour

A momentary detour

Sorry.  No more house for today.

Just the cutest baby EVER.

Henry at 5 months...today.

I thought I would never want to be Granny Jan- now I do not care a lick what I am called.  A hug from a baby is the greatest stress reliever in the world.


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  • He is a doll! Just wait till next year though, with all your decorations! He'll be into everything!

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    The house is so nice and you are loking good i like the baby in your hands i promess to pray everry day for him so plaise give me hes name .

  • Cute, cute, cute, Janet!!! I think Henry looks like Steve, does anyone else???

    Happy to hear things at 'holiday central' are going so well, our best to you and yours!


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