Not sure if I like this Jeff Tweedy

Wilco has a new album coming out, and they have recently played here.  So Jeff Tweedy was kind of goofing when he decided to make fun of the Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling.   Why?

Where is the love, dude? Dissing is not a good, good thing.

I think there is room for all kinds of music in the universe.  Sure, hip hop lyrics sound funny with an acoustic guitar and spoken word.  But Wilco tunes might sound weird with a hearty dance beat.

What I find more annoying is the derision in the audience- their guffaws all indicate that they are way too cool to shake their bones to such a banal sound.


Get a few cocktails in your guts at a wedding reception, and stay anchored with sneers while the rest of the universe dances its collective ass off.  I'll tell you who is having a better time.

Different music genres should not be circles without concentricity.  The overlap makes the world go round.  And our respect- or at least tolerance- of each other's styles is a good thing for our culture and civilization in general.

I hope there is no response from Will i am.  It would disappoint me. He is too much of a happy cat to aggravate the cultural divide.  Easy come, easy go.....





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  • Perhaps Jeff was trapped downtown the day Oprah was blasting the song endlessly, and is sick of it.

    *I* wasn't even downtown that day, and as a result of just the national coverage that disaster got, *I*'m sick of it.

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    My wife and I were at the Hideout last night and had an amazing time. It was the best night of entertainment I've ever experienced. Tweedy was playing along with an inside joke from part of story in the book. He never even did any of his Wilco stuff, it was just a joke from the end of the epic tale of @mayoremanuel. The even was, admittedly, a nerdfest, but it was awesome. At the same time, at our wedding my wife an I danced with all our best friends and family to the BEP's version and it was a highlight of our wedding, as I hope I'll always remember my wife's pure delight as we jumped around dancing with our friends.
    To get the joke you had to be there Ms. Dahl. It was a fabulous evening with an incredibly comic ending.

  • I will take your word for it, Daniel. Maybe I am being snotty, too. That is not my desired persona. I just am fairly ecumenical with music- there are days when I twang with country, and I usually shower with show tunes or choir music (acoustics) but I generally tip toe over opera and symphonic to park in the rock and roll galaxy. Many moods, many muses.

    I guess I wish I was there so the joke could play out for me, too- because I have been tutored by my kids to love Wilco.

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    In reply to Janet Dahl:

    Sounds good Janet! You've got a wider spectrum of taste than I could claim. To get a good handle on the joke check out the book if you get a chance. On page 135 of the book, or tweets on Sunday, January 31st, 2011, Sinker writes about a fundraiser. The same day the real Rahm Emanuel is actually doing a fundraiser and Wilco actually played for the event. The twitter account has him spoofing the BEP's. Granted, Sinker sure doesn't seem to appreciate their music at all, but the unreasonably vindictive nature of it is in the spirit of the ridiculous premise of the profanity laced epic that is @MayorEmanuel

  • "Get a few cocktails in your guts at a wedding reception, and stay anchored with sneers while the rest of the universe dances its collective ass off. I'll tell you who is having a better time"... I love this! You are so absolutely right.

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    I wasn't lucky enough to go to the H/O show with surprise guest Jeff Tweedy, and I am sure Pete and Mollie know more about the mood of the crowd and the magic of the evening. A pop song when it is good stays in your head for hours , "I gotta feeling" is one of those incredible pop songs. I believe having been to a once in a lifetime Tweedy show at Lounge Ax in the past, that his sense of humor and reverence for all types of music was there at The Hideout that night. I, sincerely, think that even though it is humorous to some, a song from the Black Eyed Peas has a lot more depth than people may give it credit for and Tweedy acknowledges this in his intrepretation of, " I got a feeling". The Hideout is a wonderful grass roots type of place as is the Old Town School of Folk Music both of which much mean a lot to the Tweedy/Miller family. I have been lucky enough to experience both places and I can't say enough about the respect that is given to all types of musicians and music. As my daughter's teacher from Old Town said, "we are just trying to inspire a life long love of music", and I for one believe that. Just had to respond. Love you all!!!!

  • I agree with PeteZimm. I don't think anything mean was ever intended nor do I think this is an example of the "They're Popular so I have Disdain for Them" attitude.

    Plus, Jeff Tweedy's kids and Rahm's kids go to the same northside Jewish school. That's why Tweedy plays at a lot of Rahm stuff.

  • I have the context in mind now, and I realize he was goofing. I will try to be more disciplined in my reactions.

  • I'm a huge wilco fan, and i have no idea what this "making fun" was about, but I'm sure it's deserved. "I gotta feeling" is pure crap and unlistenable. Yeccch.

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    Just because a song get's stuck in your head doesn't mean it's any good. They sucked at the Super Bowl last year and I hope their hiatus is permanent. The new Wilco album 'The Whole Love' is another masterpiece so they can diss who they wish.

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