Does this man have no filter?

Why does Rush believe that the only folks obsessed with the Caylee Anthony tale are liberals? I am pretty sure that the people sucked into that media circus were not identified with the right or the left.

How can he use language so carelessly? Death of this child = delayed abortion?  Really?

Is he unaccountable because he is preaching to such a programmed sliver of society that no one outside of his audience cares enough to object?

He is occupying a nice perch at WLS, but he does not blend very well with their more reasoned, conversational tone.

Does he pay to be there? Do they have to pay him? Who wants their product associated with this blowhard?

I guess Rush is too big to fail.  Tis a pity.

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  • CRAP! My blood pressure is up again. Was provoked by those mean, vocal Naysayers on Facebook who dare call themselves DahlFans. Why did I read that.

    I feel things too deeply.

    I need to look at a picture of Henry.

  • Henry arrives at the perfect moment, doesn't he?

    There will always be backwash. Steve is willing to throw his savings into this venture, and he has worked 2 years, deploying money that he could have banked, to staff and organize it. I have sacrificed the privacy of my home. If it does not work, we will still have the pride of believing in Steve and his listeners. And once again, of pioneering a brave new world.

  • Hi Janet.

    I still have in an old shoe box, cassette tapes of old Steve and Gary shows. I used to tape them off my boom box as a kid. I don't even remember if they were from WLS-FM or the Loop. Even back then, Steve would call you in some funk or something - and you were always there for the guy, even when he was more trashed than Harry Carey in his heyday. I even have one tape that has the famous paint shaker rant that ended Steve & Gary. Still funny.

    You should get some sort of sainthood, some sort of Chicago wife HOF where you should be the first inductee.

    There are still a LOT of us over 40 who would come back in droves for Steve & Gary. Maybe that could happen.

  • As for Limbaugh, Second City's review of him was awesome. The guy who played Rush at SC was brilliant. Anatomy of a hater. Broke it all right down to his childhood.

    Alot of these guys are the same, they'd be broke and on the street without hatin' for a living. Bill O"Reilley was a poor man's John Tesh, he did some entertainment tonight kind of show when he had bad Charlie Rose hair, and he'd have been out of broadcasting had he not picked up self-righteous hatin' as a crutch. If anybody was good at pointing this out over the last three decades, it was Steve.

  • This prompted me to go over to WGN's site and listen to a Garry rant (I'm sorry),0,1923742.mp3file


    He's become Wally Phillips. (Oh Wally!) How did this happen?

  • Wow. After all the years of Steve's rampages on the radio... you have the gall to attack another radio guy? Look up the word "introspection."

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Why sure I do. Gall? Hell, no. Wisdom? Yes. Do you revere Rush so entirely that you validate these comments? If so, he is a lucky man. It seems he has sucked the rationality out of his listeners so he can fill them with hate mongering. The polarity of the American public is a sad, sad thing. Rush has made a billion dollars pandering to a sliver of the public. I do not believe even Rush believes the outrageous things he says. He is the bullying class clown, dying to be noticed. And paid. You are part of his rat pack.

    Attack Rush? He thrives on being noticed. I feel dirty noticing him.

  • Hey Publius -

    You a dittohead? You come off as a dittohead. Steve's rants were about many things, but they were not brazenly partisan - and they rarely denied reality. I haven't listened to Steve for many years as I left Chicago for a decade, but when I came back and picked up a few of his shows, the worst he could be accused of was being Steve Dull. I think he recorded staffers at the Loop calling him that.

    Limbaugh is taking a child's murder and using it to smear a political faction. Tell me once when Dahl did anything like this. I think Steve's worst offense was making Dahmer or Gacy jokes, but they were jokes in bad taste. Not agenda driven smears.

  • You left wingers are hilarious. In fact, your replies to me pretty much prove you are not interested in any sort of discussion. Simply because of my 25-word comment about the hypocrisy of a woman who has been made rich by freedom of speech who is attacking someone else for exercising his freedom of speech I MUST "revere" Rush, I MUST be "validating his comments," I MUST be this and that... You people are examples of why there can be no discussion with a left-winger. You aren't even able to focus on a subject without wild accusations, base assumptions, name calling, and other foolishness.

    For instance, gpldan seems never to have listened to Steve Dahl all those years. He was always, always, always a left winger. His shows were not political in nature, granted, but ANY time politics came up (and they naturally did often) he always pushed a far left agenda. But so what? That was his point of view. He was entitled to it no matter how uninformed he always was in the saying of it. I would never say Steve should be shut down for it.

    And to Janet, well, as I said Janet is a hypocrite. She is smearing a talk show host for exercising his freedom of political free speech when she's been made a millionaire by a husband who is a talk show host who always exercised his freedom of speech!

    In fact, Rush's political shows are protected MORE than Steve's entertainment shows simply because the founders were specifically interested in protecting political speech above and beyond other forms of speech. The founders saw no problem with limits on speech outside of politics in the beginning. After all, in the early days every state had limits on speech outside of politics. Freedom of speech has evolved since then and that is a good thing... except when Janet sees conservatives speak. THEN they should be shut down. Thank you comrade Janet.

    In the end, I couldn't care less what Rush says. But he has every right to say what he wants under the law and within the constraints of what his market will bear.

    As to Janet wondering if Rush "believes the outrageous things he says"... who can say anything intelligent about her self-assumed ability to read others' minds? And as to her idiotic assumption that I am somehow part of Rush's "rat pack" based on the one and only post she's ever seen of me... well there is nothing intelligent to say of that, either, as it wasn't an intelligent comment in the first place.

    Her last line in her last comment was also particularly amusing in light of my pointing out that she has no capability at introspection. Her husband -- heck her entire family -- spent 30 years trying to "be noticed" on a daily basis. Absurd fights on the air, parents being outrageous on the radio, articles of their behavior in newspapers and magazines, all sorts of antics that would embarrass a more refined family, this has been the staple of the world of Steve Dahl for decades. It worked for them well, certainly.

    But for Pete's sake, Mrs. Dahl, for you not to recognize your own hypocrisy is startling.

  • In reply to publiusforum:

    Sir, you make my case for me. Your name calling, partisan rambling says far more about you than about me. Of course speech is free in this great country of ours. Remember, I am a lawyer, I get it. But there are generally consequences for careless, hateful diatribes. Rush is immune. Too big to fail. He can stay well within protected speech and still offend me. I am not impinging on his speech. I am reviled by this instance. I have indulged you in your rhetoric as well, but I am finished serving as your forum.

  • Yep, a dittohead. I nailed it.

  • Rush has about 20 million +/- listeners per day. That is far from a sliver of an audience. How many listeners do others have?

    Rush Limbaugh also sells more products than any other radio host. He makes money for his masters and is paid royally for it.

    Basing success, instead of being creative and creating it, has become the American past time. It is too easy to be jealous and envious instead of rebutting with an intelligent response.

  • In reply to Peter Bella:

    It is 20 million in a country of 300 million. A sliver.

    However, I am certainly not quibling with Rush's reach. It is laser pointed and very effective. Nor am I jealous. My original point was simply that the partisan labeling of those with Caylee outrage as liberals is absurd. I make the same claim with respect to Bill Maher's claim that the Casey bashers are right wingers. When a political leaning has to be applied to a patently tragic situation- one which all manner of folks are agitated about- we are polarized beyond functionality.

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