Woo Hoo

Bless my soul, I have transitioned!  I am so amazed that the Chicago Now staff could round oup all of us ramblers, and put us back together here.

Basically, this is just a victory lap for me, since I have nothing to report on the G-ma front.  I spent the day with Rachel, and she is counting the moments.  She will be losing the pearl birthstone, and getting rubies.  But of course, the biggest gem is the fetus currently known- and only on an interim basis- as Baby Pat.  I will try to gather my wits in the next few days.  Come back and visit, please.  I am going to make this my Janter headquarters.  Facebook will only be used to drag you here, and Twitter will be used when I cannot resist a smart ass comment of 140 characters.

I want you to know that I did the picture and the link to Steve all by myself!  But a huge thank you to Ed Silha of Forward Technologies for being my tech guru and sending me my archived et als in a zip file.  I was having separation anxiety!

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  • Like the new format-nice job!

  • In reply to Readergirl52:

    great job, cant wait for baby news!!!

  • great job

  • What happened to the pictures in your archived files? Will there not be any more pictures in this new format? I have been a fan of Steve's since 1981 and listen faithfully every day. I have also enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at all the pictures you have included in the blogs. Please tell me there will be more pictures!

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