The Revolution

The revolution will not be televised, and that is a good thing for me.  I am breaking into hives.   Tomorrow is the end of Blog Life as I know it, as I will be jumping, along with all Chicago Now Bloggers to a new framework. I am sure all you techno smarties know the difference between Movable Type and Word Press. Once upon a time, I used Blogger.  I do no even know if I am speaking of software, templates, formats; all I know is that change is imminent.  Word Press is supposed to be easier. I have been coaxed and guided with the best tutorials any idiot could follow. (Thank you Jimmy Greenfield.)  That does not mean that I can transition without faltering.

The timing is awful- my grandson is holding out and will not probably be born in the Movable Type era.

Steve is set to be vocally emancipated next Friday. 

 I will have a lot to say, and I would hate to generate Facebook clicks, rather than Chicago Now clicks. After all, the Tribune has been most hospitable to me, and has even paid me (a pittance- but after all these years, I consider myself a paid writer).

So I beg for your patience and help as I struggle.

I am convinced that I will ultimately be able to click a few times and get pictures, wry observations, links and all manner of content onto Janet Dahl, et al. There will also probably be gaffes and gibberish. 
 I have been working for hours today, and so far, the progress is microscopic.

I insist that I will prevail. To fade into tech chaos is not an option.

I am doing this transition warrior style, because if I let Steve or his tech guru, Ed Silha help me, I will never learn. 

 Stay with me, please. I already have separation anxiety.


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  • What does that mean about Steve being emancipated vocally??? DO I dare to dream he will be back on the actual radio???

  • I have always and will always stay with the Dahl Family, if only for purely selfish reasons: You add so much to my days.

    Steve has hinted that he is going Obama with the grandson and shielding him from the press...or rather his stalkerish listeners. No pictures.

    That is understandable. Looking forward to "Tales From the GrandParents".

    Pop into the Podcast if this format transition proves too awful.

  • Janet, My husband I moved to Chicago from El Segundo, California February 22, 1986 just after the Bears won the super bowl and before Oprah was syndicated. His job offered him the chance to move, we took it so we could purchase a house on one income, and get out of California. Our children at the time were (one daughter) 14 years and twins (identical girls) 14 months. I started listening to Steve in the afternoons. But the best part of listening to Steve was his conversations with you!!! The holidays were the best, I still at Christmas(chaos) time, answer my phone "holiday central" I remember you doing that, for years have answered my phone that way.

    Well, the girls have grown up, we no longer live in Chicago, moved to Canada, back to California and now live in Dallas, Texas. Oh we did bring with us a souvenir from Chicago, our son 20 years old and a wonderful young man.

    There have been so many parallels in our lives. I sincerely enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to it always. Hope the new format is a smooth transition.

    sincerely, deb

  • I'm hoping we will all come out the other side better than when we started. I am happy to answer any questions....that I know the answers to.

  • Hi Janet,

    I read Feder every day hoping beyond hope he's going to have something to say about Steve back on the airwaves. I listen to his podcast, but would be over the moon if he got back on the radio.

    Love you both,

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