Counting Down

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Sorry for the bad edit- I had to obscure some stuff. 

We are counting down the days until Kathryn and Mike's wedding.  How could months turn to weeks, and weeks to days? Mike is the fidgety type, worrying and not sleeping well, so my job is to do whatever I can to calm him.  I have a few late chores:  out of town bags, rehearsal dinner arrangements, and table numbers.  It will be a crafty weekend for me.  I am operating in a zone of efficiency:  my dress is hemmed and altered, my shoes pre-scuffed with an old cheese grater, my hair will be experimented with next week, and a manicure is scheduled for the big day.  I have nagged Steve into getting his Mark Shale tux altered so his pants do not fall off. My ambitions of making bracelets for the bridesmaids have fallen by the wayside.  I keep lowering the bar until I can manage my punch list.  Therefore, we are almost ready!


Mike will not be having the calming influence of his best men in the coming week:  Patrick and Matthew are traveling with their lovely partners to Mexico for a week of hot sun.  This is  courtesy of Dad's remaining week of Starwood interval ownership.  I hope they do not radiate their faces, pickle their livers, enrage a drug lord- or whatever is the most catastrophic possibility.  I have harped about safety until they avoid me:  do not scuba dive, stay in the resort, no motorcycle rental.  They have a secret weapon for protection, since Rachel is fluent in Spanish.  It is always fun for her to overhear any Spanish hostility from the staff and translate it - or respond to it.  She will be the ears and the voice of wisdom for this quartet.  I, on the other hand, will be experimenting with self tanning and helping Mike with his punchlist. Their vacation is my Staycation.   When the kids are stateside again, we will be at 6 days and counting.  Gulp. 

Our rehearsal will be at Trader Vic's, and it will be a great way to kick off festivities.  My family will be heading in from Detroit, and the party will allow me to spend some relaxed time with them.  When Pat was married, time blurred- I never had time to just BE with my sisters and brothers and their kids.  I was determined to have a different situation this time.  I can't wait!  At Pat's rehearsal, which was at Smith and Wollensky, I looked up and saw Terry Armour's face on the TV in the restaurant.  Steve knew, but had not told me, that Terry had collapsed and died at the Tribune Tower that afternoon.  I held it together through the dinner, but once I arrived home, I became unglued.  I cried until my eyes were inside out, and Steve had to give me a sedative so I could sleep.  It may have helped me to remain calm for the wedding day, but I was unfocused either by the events or by the sedative.  I WAS on time- a rare occurrence for me.  This wedding is a bit of a do-over for me- I will remember to get pictures of the Joliats all together- a feat I ignored at Pat's.  I also intend to have a dance with the groom; I picked out the song all by myself.  I will fill in all the details afterward, with pictures.
I ordered my dress online from a discount site called Ideeli, and I still like it.  It was almost 70% off the tag- which was still on the dress.  I really like that.  It requires no compression garments, and actually had to be cinched in a little.  For Pat's wedding, I bought a very lavish dress at a boutique in the summertime.  It looked fine with a tan- but when I picked it up in December- mercy!  Plum is a bad color next to bluish white skin.  Plus, I ordered a bolero jacket- me, with a linebacker's back.  Two weeks before the wedding I hit up Loehman's for a black velvet top and a $29 skirt.  And I think I pulled it off just fine.  One casualty:  I wore those stick on thigh high stockings so I would not have to make multiple maneuvers involving undergarments in the restroom.  At the end of the night- a full circle of skin came off with the stockings- I guess I put them onto wet legs.  I still have scars.  For this wedding:  no hose!  It is summertime, for heaven's sake! I am ready.
If you have any really cool ideas about what to put in the out of town guest bags- send them along.  I have not made my Costco run yet, and Steve is getting antsy.  I didn't do them till the last minute for Pat's big day- (December 29) because it was right after Christmas, and I can only do one festivity at a time.  Steve had to rush in and improve my assembly line and my delivery plans.  He helped himself to the Kirschbaum's smiley face cookies in many a bag as compensation.  There will be only shelf stable stuff in these bags- I plan to be finished well before the influx of relatives arrives.  Without cookies to bribe Steve- I am on my own.  


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  • When my son gets married, it will be "Close to You" for a mother/son dance. :) Can you fit a More salted caramel cupcake in those bags. Damn, those are good. (state and delaware)

  • Congratulations on the approaching wedding !!!! My son was just married out in D.C and I really enjoyed helping to create the gift bags. We had pop out maps of D.C so our guests could navigate the city, little packets of Advil [ for guests who either partied too much or were just stressed !], water bottles, handfuls of fun size chocolate candy bars, disposable cameras [ even in this age of cell phone cameras they were a hit at both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. They were also used by guests that were out sightseeing ]. The bride and groom also wrote a lovely letter thanking their guests for making the trek to D.C. It sounds like you are having fun and anticipating a wonderful family gathering, and that is exactly as it should be !!! Exactly three weeks after son #1 got married, son # 2 became engaged to his high school/college we are suffering no wedding let down at our house. I believe that I have a little over a year to try to "fine tune" some of my previous "best laid plans" !!! Luckily, child #3 is my last, and my only daughter.....I should have the planning down to a science by then. [ By the way, if you go the Advil or Tylenol route, Costco didn't carry the small tear open packets, but Sam's did. ] Enjoy the day !!!!!!!!

  • Skip the bags, go for envelopes....with checks. Or keep the bags...with Chex.

  • Hi Janet, I thought I was the only crazy MOG (mother of the groom) who purchased a dress from the internet! My husband was livid and wanted me to "just spend the money " at a boutique until the dress came and it was perfect. In addition to Costco staples of individual packs of snacks, coffee, and water, I went with a Chicago theme of treats;
    Garretts Popcorn, Affy Tapples, Frango Mints,Jelly Bellies.We had several children so I included travel Etch a sketches,Sox hats,and disposable cameras with mini photo albums.
    I also put together "emergancy Wedding kits" for the Bride & Groom to be put in the Brides room and Rest room for the males.

  • In reply to marystasz:

    Thank you for the cool ideas! I like the treats you picked- for Pat's I did all Ferrara Pan and Wrigley gum- I refuse to repeat! I am sure Garretts popcorn would never make it to the bags, though- I love it!

  • In reply to marystasz:

    GREAT to hear you on the podcast with Steve yesterday. I enjoy your blogging, but miss hearing your voice.

    Glad to know the shoes are pre-scuffed so you can shake your money maker, even though your husband refuses to do the same.

  • In reply to marystasz:

    I forgot to mention Quaker instant oatmeal packets and granola bars. We also order Ice Cream Cake Rolls from the Original Rainbow Store that was cut and served at the rehearsal dinner. BTW, I loved the photos of your son and new daughter. Cant' wait to see the wedding photos. Have a great time and cherish each moment as the time goes by so quickly.

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