Worth reading, Republican or Democrat

This piece on the Tribune's op-ed page should be read. 

Leadership is earned, and the work is hard.  Pandering to the lowest common denominator will not unite the Republican party.  It may cause unbalanced apostles to act with what they believe is moral authority.  Could fanned flames of anti-government rage be connected to the death of a census worker?  I certainly hope not.  

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  • Janet, I have a theory, that what the RW is selling is nothing more than hate speech for the "Hey we lost, but damn, we might be able to regain" southern losers. If only they could get enough racists behind them, then they might be able to undo the Civil War, which, like all wars, was anything but civil. The whole RW doctrine was/is about world domination, like a principal in a grade school. Yet, most of them never made it out of High School. Unlike Steve, they chose to remain, happily, in ignorance. I am awake, engaged, filled with facts, and ready to go. The problem is arguing with uninformed morons. Sorry, but that's what they are. In the age of the internet, how can one be so dumb? I guess I have an overwhelming desire to keep my brain engaged, no matter what the cost, it seems to me, to be a small price to pay to keep from sounding like a rube!!!

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