Why Women Have Sex

Today's Sun Times mentioned that there is a new book out by Cindy Meston and David Buss, that surveyed 1000 women to discern their attitudes about sex.

Among the land mines within these pages is the information that 84% of all women will have sex to keep the peace.  Among other net gains from sex are headache relief, alleviating boredom, and getting chores done- particularly garbage removal. 

One brave soul said they had sex with others to learn new techniques.  A few had gratitude sex, a few had pity sex.  There is some comfort for men, though- many women had sex for fun. Not necessarily for love and passion, but fun.  I believe men mirror this view. I hope this doesn't objectify anyone. Let's be expansive here- what are some other reasons for sex?  Exercise? To freak out the dog?  To distract the husband from sports programming? To distract him so you can grab the remote?  To remind the husband that he is married? To ensure he has no new techniques, and therefore, is faithful?  To check for skin anomalies?

To make sure the husband's prostate is functioning? To punch it off the "to-do" list?  To replace a sleeping pill?  Get a crick out of the neck?  To loosen up for yoga class?  As it turns out, there is multi-tasking opportunity inherent in this pastime.   

I was raised a Catholic, and as such, I proclaim that the reason for sex is procreation.  SS Procreation is a ship that has sailed for me,  so I guess I have nothing to add. I expect that is a relief for my family.
Another comfort- many women like wimpier men because they are less likely to cheat than a testosterone infused partner.  I'll bet they still fantasize about George Clooney, though.


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  • Ha! I love the "to freak out the dog" answer. Made me laugh out loud.

  • In reply to jdl409:

    Haha! That line cracked me up, too!

  • In reply to jdl409:

    Hey Janet, the headline got me all hot and bothered and then I find you write a sensible column about the whys and wherefores of gettin jiggy wid'it. Geez, whattya tryin' to do here?

    After two busted marriages and a bevy of flings (how many flings in a bevy?), I've always found women had sex because they liked it. And they seem to decide when and where sex will take place, and with what frequency or lack thereof.

    Then of course, there's always the self-help alternative.

    Procreation only seems to be on the agenda once they've determined the extent of my long term financial stability, which is probably why I don't have any kids.

    One of my ex-wives did enjoy sex while the dog was in the room, but the dog seemed to be far too fascinated, and that freaked ME out.

    As for distracting me from sports programming, women can be distraction, programmers and sport all rolled into one.

    Anyway, I've heard women are attracted to a man who makes them laugh. And I've gotten more than my share of laughs, all ultimately on me.

    But I remain hopeful. I'm sure there's a nice girl out there somewhere who just wants to have idyllic, uncomplicated sex while advocating an egalitarian, respectful relationship.

    By the way, I DID meet one once, but she was abducted by aliens.

    Thanks for a great article!

  • In reply to DaveMorris:

    What is the movie with Chauncey Gardner- Being There? Well, my dog Mabel likes to watch. Really.

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