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Lucid Guitars series introduction: Beyond practice

Lucid Guitars series introduction: Beyond practice
Several years ago – after about a three-year period of plateauing on guitar – I decided that if I was going to keep playing I wanted to get really, really good (good enough to answer “Yes.” without any ellipses or question marks when people ask if I’m any good). So I started to push myself... Read more »

Karma Police - Gianni and Sarah (Radiohead Loop Cover)

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Here is another brand of tunes to come rocking out of the YouTube, “free” music era on the up-swing: loop artists. You may have seen all five members of the band Walk off the Earth playing “Somebody I Used to Know” on one guitar like everybody else did last week ( ). Here’s a couple... Read more »

One musician's anti-SOPA / PIPA tirade: Please keep my music free

We went to Best Buy to pick up Portugal. The Man’s new album not too long ago. Well… We tried, because it wasn’t there. We had seen this band perform “So American” on Conan (for free) and then investigated their music on YouTube (also for free) and were now left without a way to actually... Read more »