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I Have A Hard Time Liking Popular Christmas Music

I realize that writing something with the above title might cast me as a Grinch. But that is not the case. I like the holidays — decorating, lights, giving and receiving, winter meals and wintry beers. But I have a hard time getting excited about very much holiday music. There are modern Christmas albums out there from bands... Read more »

Q87.7: Rock. Alternative. New?

Q87.7: Rock. Alternative. New?
If you’ve found Chicago’s latest rock alternative it’s likely because you sneezed while trying to adjust the dial. 87.7 FM … Most older stereos only descend to 87.9. My car doesn’t get it. My tiny digital walkman does (if I hold it really high and there’s no air traffic). I like radio — AM or... Read more »

Trampled by Turtles "Alone" Live at KDHX 12/17/11

Thumbnail image for 'Trampled by Turtles "Alone" Live at KDHX 12/17/11'
Pretty sure I’m just now hearing about these guys (I dunno — a lot of microbrewed beers have been consumed between 2004 and the present). Trampled by Turtles, however, has put out SIX albums since their debut. First of all, I would voluntarily trample actual turtles to have that band name. Second — I’m still... Read more »

Dandy Warhols, This Machine Album Review - Pt. 1: Everybody be cool

Dandy Warhols, This Machine Album Review - Pt. 1: Everybody be cool
Years later, Dandy Warhols fans are still somewhat baffled… “Why did critics hate Odditorium.. so much? It’s my favorite,” I saw someone ask the official Facebook page this week, referencing the band’s sixth studio album. To which the person who runs the page (no doubt someone close in the Dandys’ cool camp) coolly replied, “Not... Read more »

One musician's anti-SOPA / PIPA tirade: Please keep my music free

We went to Best Buy to pick up Portugal. The Man’s new album not too long ago. Well… We tried, because it wasn’t there. We had seen this band perform “So American” on Conan (for free) and then investigated their music on YouTube (also for free) and were now left without a way to actually... Read more »

What songs are on your NYE “Get Psyched” mix-tape?

One of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother has the gang carousing about town in a limousine, attempting to enjoy as many New Year’s Eve celebrations as possible. The best gag occurs as the gang repeatedly re-enters the limo – Barney’s finger goes up, pushes play and Bon Jovi enthusiastically shouts… “SHOT... Read more »
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