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In-Studio With KEXP: How all free music should work

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KEXP radio out of Seattle regularly posts the best new music on the internet. For free. (You just gotta dig through the bin a little.) It comes by way of their live in-studio sessions, usually four songs, performed by just about every near-rock band or person you’ve heard of with a new album (not Bieber,... Read more »

Blue Line: Catch them near you for rockin' blues

I happened to catch Blue Line’s inaugural show last Friday at the Penny Road Pub (on Penny Road) in Barrington. Gotta say — for a blues/rock band playing all original material, this was no first show. These guys are all rock ‘n’ roll lifers. Actually I’m just guessing that. But frontman Richard Anaston is actually a good... Read more »

Side Projects Week closes with a song... or four live ones

Side Projects Week has been a blast. Thanks for playing. Here’s a best of the rest (that I can think of real quick)… * Jenny and Johnny Jenny Lewis was in Rilo Kiley. Johnathan Rice was just kinda doing his thing out in the desert. They started dating and, well.. This is actually their main... Read more »

Cults "You Know What I Mean" Live on SiriusXMU

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Cults (no “the”). If you look them up on YouTube, you’ll find plenty of She and Him also suggested on the right rail. The similarities are obvious: girl-fronted band bringing back classic kinda sounds — it’s sorta soul, sorta bluesy, sorta… well, timeless. Both gals have great voices (the reason I chose this cut). But... Read more »

Hot Chip performing "I Feel Better" on KCRW

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Have you met Hot Chip? Guys, Hot Chip.. Hot Chip, guys. They put out this pretty tight little album (their fourth) called One Life Stand in 2010 and I still can’t get some of these songs out of my head. Hot Chip takes keys, samples and a bevy of percussives and makes rock danceable again... Read more »

Lykke Li - I'm Good I'm Gone (Live)

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We caught this adorable Swede performing on Conan sometime last year ( ). There is something infectious here and, to me, it’s obviously the percussive nature of the music (in other performances it’s actually drums). Her best songs strike me as not Lykke Li and whoever playing whatever behind her, but as a JAM. Girl... Read more »

Portugal. The Man - 'People Say': Nokia N8 Summer Sessions

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L. and I both love Portugal. The Man right now. This would also make an excellent campfire song (nice. Gotta do a post about those later), so I’m trying to cover this track right now. Love the use of a conga in the vid. The chords are C/G/Dm/Am/Dm/Am/Dm/Am for the quick verses and Am/E/F/C/Dm/G/C for... Read more »

The Black Keys- thickfreakness (Live TV)

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So you know who The Black Keys are now. That’s awesome. But these guys have been at it for a long time (with a fair amount of success from the start). I recall immediately learning this song back in April 2003 after seeing them on Conan. Songs from the album “Thickfreakness” were also featured in... Read more »