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John Mulaney’s New in Town and why there’s comedy on my iPod

John Mulaney’s New in Town and why there’s comedy on my iPod
The first time I saw John Mulaney’s debut comedy special on TV (2009) I was eating a cheeseburger. That’s what kind of Friday night it was – the sitting-on-the-floor-eating-McDonald’s type. When the kid (from Chicago) launched into his “Best meal I ever had” bit, I quickly went from eating to choking to attempting to breathe... Read more »

Selling-out: Now a necessary evil for musicians?

Selling-out: Now a necessary evil for musicians?
Grouplove. That’s the band in the most recent iPod commercial (“Take me to your best friend’s house!..”). This is a band I’ve been selling my friends, cats, countryfolk and anything else within a few hundred feet of my stereo on for months. “Never Trust a Happy Song” is the collection of beautiful, masterful tunes that... Read more »

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts

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Here’s a great Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song that my iPod has managed not to murder. From their breakout 2006 album Show Your Bones (2nd full length). Fun game: guess which 3 people in the vid are actually in the band. (Be sure to turn this one up LOUD!!)

My iPod’s Shuffle Sucks

My iPod (an old model by now) has a crappy randomizer. It’s an iPod Shuffle, which is basically ONLY a randomizer. It doesn’t just favor certain songs – it LOVES certain bands – and cycles through them over and over until it gets to one song from a band not in its favor. In fact,... Read more »
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