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311 Day Might Be My Favorite Holiday... now

311 Day Might Be My Favorite Holiday... now
When you’re young, you celebrate every holiday with vigor — presents! A day off school! Good times. Get a little older and you start to pick favorites. Often the ones that revolve around family, giant feasts or three square meals of candy — Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Around college things start to trend differently — St.... Read more »

I Have A Hard Time Liking Popular Christmas Music

I realize that writing something with the above title might cast me as a Grinch. But that is not the case. I like the holidays — decorating, lights, giving and receiving, winter meals and wintry beers. But I have a hard time getting excited about very much holiday music. There are modern Christmas albums out there from bands... Read more »

Selling-out: Now a necessary evil for musicians?

Selling-out: Now a necessary evil for musicians?
Grouplove. That’s the band in the most recent iPod commercial (“Take me to your best friend’s house!..”). This is a band I’ve been selling my friends, cats, countryfolk and anything else within a few hundred feet of my stereo on for months. “Never Trust a Happy Song” is the collection of beautiful, masterful tunes that... Read more »

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Idea: The joy of cheap percussive instruments

I bought a slide-whistle for $2 on Cyber Monday. That was my big find. And it made all the not standing in lines for hours worth it when my cats reacted to the very first slide: the princess hated the thing and ran, old mama continued to sleep and my son leapt atop the table,... Read more »
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