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Q87.7: Rock. Alternative. New?

Q87.7: Rock. Alternative. New?
If you’ve found Chicago’s latest rock alternative it’s likely because you sneezed while trying to adjust the dial. 87.7 FM … Most older stereos only descend to 87.9. My car doesn’t get it. My tiny digital walkman does (if I hold it really high and there’s no air traffic). I like radio — AM or... Read more »

Weezer ~ "Pumped Up Kicks" (Costa Mesa, CA)

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Weezer covering Foster the People. This is exactly how a cover song should be done: true to the nature of the song yet taken for a new spin by the performing artist. This bouncy tune of summer ’11 is rock-ified by Weezer. Love it. Reminds me of other great covers: Cake’s “I Will Survive” is still... Read more »

The Year 2011 in Music

I found this to be an extremely exciting year in music. Quite a variety of sounds have gotten to me. I’ll run through what’s still at the top of my head. . . 311 – Universal Pulse I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that my favorite teenage band can still rock when... Read more »