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What's up with Kids These Days? (A free LP)

What's up with Kids These Days? (A free LP)
I’m talking about Kids These Days: the local Chicago band who previously won the Congress Theatre’s Next Big Thing Competition (2009), rocked SXSW and Lollapalooza (2011) and performed on Conan when last he came to Chi-City (2012). I kinda enjoy these guys. It’s a neat blend of raps, horn freakouts and sweet acoustic lyrics. The... Read more »

My Life with MCA

My Life with MCA
When an old friend texted me “Adam Yauch died” last Friday, my head took a moment to register… Wait… Who? … Wh… All I could text back was, “Oh no.” Of course I know who Adam Yauch is – one of two members of the Beastie Boys named Adam – but the man, the professional... Read more »

Sharon Van Etten jams "Serpents" from new album Tramp

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Are you ever watching something and you get the feeling that, at that exact moment, a person’s career is stepping to the next level (or at least was five hours ago when they pre-recorded it)? Like Steve Carell as The Office hit, The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show or velociraptors finally making a name for themselves... Read more »
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