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What's up with Kids These Days? (A free LP)

What's up with Kids These Days? (A free LP)
I’m talking about Kids These Days: the local Chicago band who previously won the Congress Theatre’s Next Big Thing Competition (2009), rocked SXSW and Lollapalooza (2011) and performed on Conan when last he came to Chi-City (2012). I kinda enjoy these guys. It’s a neat blend of raps, horn freakouts and sweet acoustic lyrics. The... Read more »

Annual Jam Band: The new tracks

Annual Jam Band: The new tracks
I wouldn’t be doing this music blog right if I didn’t share some of my own tunes. OUR tunes. The Annual Jam Band is a collaborative (and now ten-day-long) project that gathers from the far reaches of the country once a year to informally rock out a few parties, then move on to Rockford for... Read more »

In Defense of Hollywood Actor Rock-Star Wannabes

Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard once said (about 30 Seconds to Mars’ Jared Leto), “He’s a professional actor in music; so there’s no way to feel any sincerity about his position as a musician… Because he makes a living playing characters.. [he’s] also acting what you think a rock star should act like.” What’s most amusing... Read more »

A Dispatch Concerning Dispatch: Circles Around the Sun

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Dispatch’s new album was released today, Tuesday, 8/21/12. That’s something you might have never thought you’d hear again after they broke up in 2002. And again after their “final concert” in 2004. And then when they never quite re-united, but played a killer show for Zimbabwe in 2007. The three equal bandleaders have, once again,... Read more »

Coconut Records - The Summer

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Jason Schwartzman is one of those guys who keeps popping up in things I like. From those wild Wes Anderson films to Shopgirl to my latest favorite cancelled show, Bored to Death (which he wrote the title song for). In fact — maybe this point is already obvious to you — but maybe this means... Read more »
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