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AV Club's new animated web series: Stand Down

That out-of-sync first gig — those early days doing “I’m so white/fat/ethnic” “jokes” to more coughs than laughs — that stretch of time you smoked a lot and called yourself a poet: whatever line of the arts you’re in, there are going to be some growing pains (“growing pains” being nice language for “You suck... Read more »

A.V. Club Undercover: Music you know played by indie bands you should

Rock music is so rarely mainstream anymore (and Dave Grohl cheated). Instead it has splintered off into a hundred-thousand swell indie rock-pop-groove-dance-jam bands who tour relentlessly and grow increasingly spectacular mustaches just to gain your attention. But (The Onion’s sister site – I may have previously mentioned them over and over again) has a... Read more »

Billy Corgan may tumble into the diminishing vortex of his own album concept

The Smashing Pumpkins. Back. Still weird. Since the insane success of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (’95) Billy Corgan has been firing, ranting, wrestling, hiding, re-hiring and making lots of oddly non-rocking music. I know a lot of people whose youthful obsession with this band (and online handle) has lasted into adulthood, but even if... Read more »

Sharon Van Etten jams "Serpents" from new album Tramp

Thumbnail image for 'Sharon Van Etten jams "Serpents" from new album Tramp'
Are you ever watching something and you get the feeling that, at that exact moment, a person’s career is stepping to the next level (or at least was five hours ago when they pre-recorded it)? Like Steve Carell as The Office hit, The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show or velociraptors finally making a name for themselves... Read more »
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