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Garbage rises above the '90s resurgence

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So very many staples of the ’90s decided it’d be a good time to make a comeback this year — from Candlebox, Counting Crows, Creed and The Cranberries to Eve 6, The Offspring and Limp Bizkit (if you wanna count them as ’90s (or as anything)). Alice in Chains is even rumored to be working... Read more »

What new album will soundtrack your summer 2012?

What new album will soundtrack your summer 2012?
Summer is an exceptionally good time to rock new music. We’re outside mowing our lawns, dodging bird dung, in cars watching the corn go by, walking dogs, cats, lizards and generally out of our dusty homes, away from the flickering boobs on the tube. Sure, half our collective minds may be on the big new... Read more »

Wild Flag - "Romance"

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Have you seen Portlandia? That place where young people go to retire, the ’90s never end and we all work in coffee shops until our band blows up (it’ll happen). Certainly your hip friend has told you about the show from SNL’s Fred Armisen and Wild Flag’s Carrie Brownstein. When L. and I finally got... Read more »

‘90s Albums I Still Rock

‘90s Albums I Still Rock
What is it about the music you listened to when you were a teenager? How does listening to one song from that era (whichever it is) make you happy? Does it bring back better thoughts and feelings? That old idealism? Or is it because it’s the music you used to shield yourself from the inevitably... Read more »