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311 Day Might Be My Favorite Holiday... now

311 Day Might Be My Favorite Holiday... now
When you’re young, you celebrate every holiday with vigor — presents! A day off school! Good times. Get a little older and you start to pick favorites. Often the ones that revolve around family, giant feasts or three square meals of candy — Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Around college things start to trend differently — St.... Read more »

The Song at the End of the World: What's your 12/21/12 jam?

The Song at the End of the World: What's your 12/21/12 jam?
At this point we’ve heard all the theories concerning this supposedly impending Apocalyptic End of the World / Mayan Calendar Flip: — That the date has already passed because Mayans didn’t figure in the leap years — That something will change, but more along the line of a shift in our human consciousness — That... Read more »

Soundtrack A Surgery

Soundtrack A Surgery
Hello, friends. This is a scheduled post, as I am having surgery today. Probably right now. It’s on my right hip, much like the one I had on the left side back in February. What I was diagnosed with is Avascular Necrosis — basically, the hip joint bone slowly becomes not-round-anymore, and flattens-out at the... Read more »

311 - "Sunset in July"

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There’s far too much for me to say about 311 Day. Every year it reminds me who I am and why exactly I love life. I find a lot of joy in the fact that there are absolutely still people who stand for positivity, love, equality and unity. There were a lot of phases I... Read more »

311- Do You Right

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What always makes you feel better when you’re down? The music you listened to as a teenager. This rings especially true if you listened to positive-vibe music. 311 will always be an all-time favorite band of mine (if you didn’t know me at Elgin High circa the ’90s, I was “the guy who’s always wearing... Read more »

The Year 2011 in Music

I found this to be an extremely exciting year in music. Quite a variety of sounds have gotten to me. I’ll run through what’s still at the top of my head. . . 311 – Universal Pulse I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that my favorite teenage band can still rock when... Read more »
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