While hanging around in The Jam Room, you may occasionally come across a casually-referenced word or phrase that makes you wonder. Please pardon my nonsense. Below lies the key to all that...

L. = my girlfriend and domestic partner

311 = my favorite teenage band, a longtime obsession and a giant t-shirt collection

Adjust = my old blues and '90s-covers college band, circa mid-2000's in Peoria, IL

The Annual Jam Band = the remnants of our band (Jay, Joby (and now his brother Nick) and I) who gather at the close of every summer to jam, eat and build fires (AcmeStuffCo DOT com has a player with our recorded tunes)

"That would make an excellent name for a band" = The previous arrangement of words would actually make a terrible name for a band

Rock and/or roll = Copyright-pending catchphrase